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Navigating using Fiducials


I am interested in building a skill to help Misty navigate to the wireless charger and juice itself. I was hoping that Misty could identify the wireless charger and navigate to it (assuming it was in its field of view and not too far away). I am open to putting some fiducials on the charger to help in this process.

Curious to know if anyone has attempted this or something similar… Any good starting points? Thoughts, suggestions?


Hi Sanjay. I have not tried this, but came across these links earlier and bookmarked it as something to investigate. They may be a starting point.

Thanks @MorningR for sharing this!

@guptahome100 -> @cp_sridhar and @Scott has done some work on this, navigating to the wireless charger autonomously.

I am working on it, but I do not have enough progress to share yet. When I do, I will create an open source repo so we can hack on it together.

My basic approach is to train an RGB image classifier to recognize the charger. A dedicated fiducial would make it easier to identify, but my hypothesis sketch is that the Misty-branded charger is sufficiently distinct to allow such a classifier to be robust.

My first implementation attempt uses TensorFlow.js.