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My Profile: Developers registered Misty or Misty2 Info

It would be great to have a portion of the “My Profile” dedicated (Sub-Page perhaps) to displaying my order information and other “My Misty” info.
This interface would ideally include “Named Mistys” if a developer has several Misty’s to keep track of and Name.

Useful Information such as:

  • Serial Number (when it is shipped)
  • The Mode I ordered (light Mode/Dark Mode) AKA: White/Black encapsulation.
  • Accouterments in use on that Misty (backpack and devices and their Serials or Interfaces ID’s or other such data)

Initially this data can be for our personal quick reference, but eventually, maybe we could have some encryption keys to establish an API link. Like Github has Tokens for tools like Atom to push gists for things like sync-settings.

This kind of Data API might be helpful when building or assembling tasks (ex: interface options / nodes / ports: for the accouterments) We might have some API Tie-ins which are managed in our profile and tied to our task builder web-interface. so we can easily string nodes to accessories, or new arms we 3D printed or functionality we intend.

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This is great. Thanks @twintails. We’ll try to look at profile enhancement options. There are probably some things we can do right away and others that may require a plugin.