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Multiple Javascript files for one skill

Sometimes skills get a little complex, and it would be nice to break up the code into multiple files for better organization. Also I came across a situation where I needed to include a Javascript library to create a signed JWT, and I had to paste it into the bottom of the skill’s JS file. It would be nice to keep it as a separate file. Perhaps in the manifest we could indicate the main JS file? As a workaround in the meantime, I’m considering creating a build script that will concatenate the JS files. If this functionality were built-in though, that’d be great!

Another idea that might be more in the style of modern JS development is to create a bundler (e.g., like webpack) and package manager (e.g., like Yarn). This would also facilitate operations like reducing JS code file size by stripping comments etc.


Actually I started work on this last year (, but much work remains. I would be happy to collaborate on it.