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Mobile App: iOS, Android, or both?

We had made a web page a while back using REST API to operate some skills on Misty as opposed to using the Skill Runner. We want to try to see if it is possible to develop the same thing but for a mobile application as opposed to a web page. Since there is Android involved with Misty, would Android dev be easier or would there be just as much work with iOS dev? Or do both do just as much?

I know Misty already has a mobile app, but I see it is really just used to grab information and move her around. I want to try to run the skills off of her through a mobile app. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated?

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the fact that Android is used on one of the internal boards is independent of development offboard because the Misty API from offboard is entirely through HTTP and WebSockets.

for developing an app, you should consider cross-platform frameworks. people have strong opinions about these, but I recommend trying Flutter. If you know JS and React and do not want to learn Dart, you might try React Native.