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Misty's IMU sensor sometimes fails to initialize

In FEP Misty II prototypes we’ve observed that Misty’s inertial measurement unit (IMU) sometimes fails to initialize. When this happens, the IMU sensor does not send valid data to IMU event listeners.

Many of the drive commands in Misty’s REST and JavaScript APIs operate based on data from the IMU. If you notice unexpected behavior when using Misty’s drive commands, an uninitialized IMU sensor may be the culprit. You can confirm this by subscribing to IMU sensor data in the Command Center and checking whether Misty is sending valid data. When in this state, the best method for attempting to initialize the IMU is to power-cycle your robot.

for “power-cycle”, is the new POST /api/reboot command sufficient?

No, that command will not restart the RT and MC boards which is what is needed to reset the IMU.

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