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Misty's Head Offset

I initially found that our Misty’s head is a bit offset. Using the Command Center, when I adjust Misty’s yaw to be straight, it is slightly to the right.

We found this out as we ran the original concierge template, Misty’s head went too far to the right and then the neck motors made a really loud noise. Just today now, it did it with the pitch (it looked to far down). I am curious if this is normal, and we have to fix the code to change it, or if there is a way to calibrate Misty? Regardless I am hoping ours isn’t defective or broken.

Hi @kywelch17,

Thanks for posting your question here, and I’m sorry you’re having this issue. It doesn’t sound like this is caused by the code. It is more likely to be a calibration or electrical issue; I’ll need to check with someone closer to the hardware to get more information, and we’ll update you here when we have something helpful to share. In the meantime, could you download your robots log files from the command center website and attach them in an email to There may be some information there to help us troubleshoot.

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Hiya @kywelch17,

The “loud noise” you’re hearing is actually the built in clutch slipping. It isn’t harmful, and is actually there to protect the motor. Just thought I’d mention that to put your mind at ease on that aspect of it.

My understanding is we have had similar issues with at least one robot here, so I don’t believe its just your robot. We’ll start looking into it ASAP. We will stay in touch with you, as we may ask for more information from your robot as part of our troubleshooting.

In the meantime, you could adjust the concierge code and adjust the move distances to prevent the grinding, until we figure out the problem.

Keep in touch if you have any other questions or concerns. :slight_smile:


Heya @kywelch17

We would like you to grab your robot’s userconfig file off the robot for us. We want to make sure it isn’t corrupted.

Go to this shared directory on the robot:

  • Windows: Open your windows file explorer, and in the address bar that currently shows which folder you’re in, type: \\ip_address_of_your_robot\c$\Data\Users\DefaultAccount\Documents
  • Mac: smb://ip_address_of_your_robot/c$/Data/Users/DefaultAccount/Documents

When asked for robot’s credentials use the username and password found on a label on the bottom of the robot.

In there should be a file called: UserConfig.Txt.

Could you please upload that file so we can take a look at it? If you can’t upload it to this forum please send it to

Could you also please tell us what other files exist in that directory?

Thanks for your help and your patience as we solve this issue. :slight_smile:

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@steven @johnathan

the files are sent to the email.

Thanks, @kywelch17 – We received the UserConfig file.

Did you see any other files in the Documents directory?

No, I didn’t see anything else in there. Just UserConfig.json file.



It definitely appears that your file is corrupted. We are contacting you via email to get some info about your robot, and we’ll rebuilt your config file here and send it to you. Once you upload it onto your robot it should work again. :slight_smile:

I sent over the SN over email. @steven

Thanks Kyle! I just sent you the updated file. Throw that into your robot and let us know how it works. :slight_smile:


Hi Steven,

Worked on Misty, and put the new config file you gave me. She’s no longer offset, and the templates work! Thank you all very much

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Hey great to hear! Keep us up-to-date with the work you’re doing! We love hearing how people are using her. :slight_smile: