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Greetings, Misty developers!

We’ve updated the repositories in the MistyCommunity GitHub organization to make it easier to find sample code for the different technologies you can use to build skills and robot applications for Misty II.

Formerly, we had used the Tutorials and SampleCode repositories to distribute code samples. This was a bit confusing, and it wasn’t always clear to new developers where to find sample code for a specific technology stack. After today’s update, the sample code we have published for Misty II is grouped by type into one of the following repositories:

  • JavaScript-SDK - Sample code, tutorials, and other resources for working with the Misty II JavaScript SDK.
  • .NET-SDK - Sample code, tools, and other resources for working with the Misty II .NET SDK (Beta).
  • REST-API - Sample code, tools, and other resources for working with the Misty II REST API and WebSocket events.

We also archived the Sandbox repository, and copied its contents into “Sandbox” directories within the repos linked above.

This method of organizing sample code matches the information architecture that we use to organize content in Misty’s developer documentation. It will scale in a reasonable way as Misty’s software and the collection of samples mature, and it won’t be necessary to move things around again anytime soon.

If you had forked, cloned, or downloaded the SampleCode or Tutorials repositories, you’ll notice that these repositories have been renamed, and that some of the sample code has been moved. All of the sample code that we had published before the update is still available, but some of it may be somewhere new. If you’re having trouble finding the new location for a piece of content, please let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Happy coding! :robot: