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Misty X-Y Positioning: How can Misty Exactly Locate Itself In a Circular Arena?


All my interests require that Misty be made capable of real time, accurate, X-Y positioning in a defined arena.

To simplify my first efforts I’ll limit the arena to a flat circular Arena of radius “r”.
And require the arena be fenced in … think round hockey arena.

Misty’s current positioning development is not yet up to that task, so I believe my only solution will requires use of Misty’s Arduino back pack carrying third party hardware. (Mine is on order for I don’t know when it will be delivered)

I see two approaches.

  1. Two fixed location transmitting beacons outside the arena. And a receiver(s) able to continuously track the separate relative angle from Misty to both.

That would allow each Misty to use websockets to both a) calculate it’s own X-Y position, b) send that information plus its speed and relative direction to a central web server web page, and c) read that information for all competing Misty’s from that server, or

  1. A gigantic weapons grade Misty with enough radar like equipment to keep track of multiple other Mistys’ X-Y position, speed and Direction.

I’ll leave approach 2 to some future Star Wars anti-ballistic missal development team.

As for 1, uploading and reading everyone else’s seems straightforward … if not daunting … task for websockets and a server side database program.

Therefore, the current key is whether hardware/software, exist that lets a robot sized/weight receiver simultaneously track the relative angle to two fixed beacons transmitting on different frequencies. Radio waves. Infrared sources. Ultrasound. Either waves. Anything.

So far my best find is this Infrared Sensor on Robot Shop
IR Locator 360
SKU: 45-2009
Description: The IR Locator has four IR detectors facing forward, back, left, and right. The IR intensity received by each of these sensors allows the onboard processor (or PIC) to calculate the direction of the IR Light source to within 5 degrees. The IR Locator can be set to read 1200 or 600Hz IR Light.

Does anyone have a better sensor?

Does anyone know of a better beacon/receiver pair that allows Misty to track the relative angular direction from Misty to the fixed beacons?

In the mean time, I’ll start a second topic that deals with the math needed to convert the two angular bearings into Misty’s X-Y position in an arena definded by f(x,y) … assuming for now that function defines a circle.

And a third for the code needed to communicate with websocket(s).

Thanks for any help finding a sensor.