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Misty would function as a "nanny" for an infant when the infant is placed in a crib

If Misty is part of an infant’s household I think Misty could be a big improvement over baby monitors, relieving a parent from having to listen for an infant’s cries all the time. Parent(s) could use Misty to view and hear an infant’s cries at any time. And I think Misty could be trained to communicate with a parent when the infant started crying for longer than a set amount of time, allowing the parent(s) to view and their infant…

Ideally Misty would be trained on some set of criteria on how to interpret a given baby’s cries, so that only sounds communicating distress would be reported.

It should also be possible to have Misty programmed to verbally try to soothe an infant who has been put to bed (sing a lullaby available on a web site, perhaps), and alerting the parent if the infant cries longer than a given amount of time.

And I expect other “nanny-like” tasks could be part of Misty’s repertoire as well.

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This is a really great idea. I haven’t thought of this one. After all, Misty has all the hardware capabilities to achieve this! This would be an awesome skill. Keep us updated if you move forward with this.


Will do. I don’t think I’m in a position to do much until I have Misty in hand.

And hopefully others will be interested in collaborating as well.

I haven’t done a complete read on all the community posts, but there are other posts that overlap with this. One example is Dan’s thought about having Misty develop skills to watch over “grandma”.

Elder care has been a great focus for robotics, baby monitoring seems like a great idea! Robotic child care I’m sure would be quite controversial. Interesting food for thought! @BoulderAl


Here is a related thought. Have Misty monitor the infant’s sleeping position to lessen the chance of SIDS.

This is a complicated topic. I am definitely not suggesting that Misty be advertised as a way to make the very rare occurrence of SIDS less likely.And you don’t want to have Misty send many false positives to parents as this greatly increases their stress level for a group of infants with a SIDS monitor compared t0 a group of infants without a monitor. This was a finding of a study I was involved with at the KU School of Nursing. But even given all of this I think it’s an ability worth having Misty explore in a very tentative way.