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Misty will not drive forward

After latest update, Misty will not drive. Only will drive in reverse.

{androidHardwareId: “b7ef7486c8914bf5”, androidOSVersion: “OpenQ820_O_v4.1-OPM1.171019.026-scripts1.2.2-patch1.0.5:patch2.0.3”, batteryLevel: {…}, currentNetworkId: 0, currentPreSharedKey: “”, …}
androidHardwareId: “b7ef7486c8914bf5”
androidOSVersion: “OpenQ820_O_v4.1-OPM1.171019.026-scripts1.2.2-patch1.0.5:patch2.0.3”
batteryLevel: {chargePercent: 0.99, created: “2021-07-28T18:33:58.720755Z”, current: -0.416, healthPercent: 1, isCharging: false, …}
currentNetworkId: 0
currentPreSharedKey: “”
currentProfileName: “EllaNetwork”
hardwareInfo: {rtcBoard: {…}, mcBoard: {…}}
ipAddress: “”
macAddress: “00:d0:ca:00:40:78”
networkConnectivity: “InternetAccess”
outputCapabilities: {actuator_LeftArm: “NBQEA0”, halt: “y8arjY”, locomotion: “VyExVx”, /Robot/AudioPlayback/speaker: “uDbbHh”, actuator_HeadPitch: “Awb61F”, …}
robotId: “00A0C6A6E57D-00800F117000~b7ef7486c8914bf5~1409047-540160565~2228266-540488760~x”
robotVersion: “”
sensorCapabilities: {hazardNotificationSensor: “hzrd”, /Sensors/RTC/PRU: “PRU”, currentSensor_RightTrack: “csrt”, currentSensor_LeftTrack: “cslt”, /Sensors/HardwareInfo/RtcBoard: “RtcBoard”, …}
sensoryServiceAppVersion: “1.25.10”
serialNumber: “20194303242”
sku: “060-000001”
structureCoreDeviceInfo: {structureCoreDriverVersion: null, structureCoreFirmwareVersion: null, structureCoreSerialNumber: null}
windowsOSVersion: “10.0.17763.253”

Hi Wesley,

Thanks for reaching out about your Misty, and apologies that you’re running into some issues. Just wanted to run through a few troubleshooting steps, and please forgive me if you’ve already tried these things:

  1. Does a reboot of the robot fix this issue?
  2. Would you mind checking the front Time of Flight sensors to ensure there is no dust on them/obstructions to these ToF sensors?
  3. Would you mind connecting to the robot via the SDK Command Center, and viewing the Time of Flight information at the bottom of the page (Sensor Data)? Are there any outstanding ToF measurement readings on those front sensors? This will help us to know if there are particular sensors on which we should focus.
  4. If after running through the above, you’re still having issues, would you feel comfortable doing some light “surgery”? If there are ToF Sensors in the front of the robot that are having issues (as discovered in step 3 above), you may need to open up Misty to ensure the connections there are secure. If you’d feel comfortable, item number three in this post has details about opening up the robot and tightening some of the connections. Specifically, you’d only need to remove the front bump covers mentioned in step 3.1. Additionally, regarding step 3.2, you don’t need to remove the screws but should only need to ensure that each screw is properly tightened . After ensuring the screws are tightened, feel free to boot up your Misty and check to see if the forward movement is improved.
  5. If after doing the above surgery, the issues still persist, step 3.6 in this post shows the center board, where the time of flight sensors all connect. Pressing on these connections to ensure they’re properly seated would be great. You can take a screwdriver and lightly apply pressure to them, which should ensure they are properly seated.

That’s a lot of info but I think these will be some helpful troubleshooting steps to fix this forward driving issue. If after this you are still having issues with Misty driving forward, we can plan some other remedial actions.

i followed the instructions about “surgery” to re-seat the connectors. I noticed alot of dust that had been collected from the fan, cleaned that and re-seated the connectors. Everything works fine now, Thanks!

Maybe for a future version you could put a screen or something to keep the dust out of that area…

Thank you for your help