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Misty VM; contributions welcome!

I am making a VM-like program that simulates behavior of a Misty robot. My goal is to reduce development time by allowing quick testing against a program that mocks the Misty APIs and runtime behavior. This will be useful for other activities, e.g., as the basis for supporting Misty in a simulator like Ignition.

The initial implementation is part of a static analyzer called mistygrind, which is implemented mainly in Python, with some JavaScript. If you have Python 3.5 or higher, try

pip install mistygrind
mistygrind --vm

Then, in your web browser go to the Misty Command Center, and in the address box enter

Coverage of the REST API is in progress.

If you want to work on this, reply below, and we can coordinate with issues on GitHub. Though development began in Python, I think that switching to another language and starting a repository dedicated to a Misty VM might eventually be better. Let me know your thoughts!

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Unfortunate naming aside, this is a great project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ha! I was motivated by the name Valgrind, but I am happy to consider other names.