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Misty visits the Austin Robotics and AI Meetup


I took Misty on a field trip today! It was the monthly meetup for Austin Robotics and AI and was held at Diligent Robotics’ pad. Had a decent crowd, usually a few more than this (and some were out of frame), also the folks from MaidBot as well. I had an impromptu presentation starring Misty which resulted in everyone thinking I worked at Misty Robotics :blush: Lot’s of questions and interest, so I guess I’m an unofficial evangelist of sorts :wink: . Can you spot Misty?

And also @Dan I got to hang out with an old acquaintance of yours Dr. Andrea Thomaz (co-founder at Diligent and professor at UT). Always fun to see how small the world really is.


Woot! That’s awesome, @station! Thanks a bunch for sharing Misty and for sharing this with us!


Hah! Yeah - Human-Robot Interaction as a field is kinda small, we all know each other pretty much. @michael actually worked with Andrea for many years.


@station pretty sure Vivian Chu also works at Diligent - they are doing some great work. Thanks for taking Misty out - we need to get you your Misty I!


you are correct @tenwall , I got a chance to chat with Vivian as well and talk shop about the work they are doing, cool stuff for sure. Actually they were interested to talk about the capabilities of the structure sensor on Misty as they are trying to nail down an effective yet cost effective solution for their next prototype as well.