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So a while back some friends and I got a jump on the Misty Skills app. While it is still in development, feel free to check it out.

Download for iOS or Android:

*Note: the login for this app is not integrated with the Auth0 SSO for the community site so you will have to create an account.

Right now the app supports a “Recording” skill. Record a driving movement and play it back on any robot. Publish your skill to share it with the community. It’s a basic skill type to start with, but a step toward enabling a variety of skill types to be deployed to the robot.

We used ionic framework, so the app is desktop compatible, compatible with ios, android, windows phones, amazon fire phones and pretty much any device that has a browser. Also, the backend is entirely serverless.

Let me know what ya think! #development:misty-skills #skills-store


this is exciting!

can you discuss some of the security features, current or planned?

in particular, if I download a skill,

  1. how do I know that it is from who I think it is from (authentication)?
  2. if I paid that person to get it, how do they (the creator) know that it is not being redistributed outside the Skills Store?

also, have you done any benchmarking to detect how a recorded output sequence deviates on other robots because of parameter variations? e.g., from small differences in PID tuning, different wheel diameters, etc.


Hey @slivingston these are great questions!
While this is not officially a Misty sanctioned project I can not make promises on behalf of Misty at this time but I can speak about what I would like to do to expand the Skills Store.

  1. Ideally, trusted skill developers’ accounts can be highlighted and skills published by these developers can be prioritized. Additionally, skills will have to adhere to a set of rules and be subject to approval before they are published. Just as apps are. Recording skills seem to be a bit more innocuous as they are simply a pre defined action that does not require data collection or transfer of data outside of the robot in order to execute.

  2. All data transfer between the app and the backed is encrypted in transit and at rest. This would be the case for communication between the robot and the store backend when downloading a skill as well. Additionally, for javascript, skills could be run through linting and obfuscation during the submission process. Also, file system access to the location the skill assets are saved can be restricted. There will inevitably be people trying to get paid skills for free (think Cydia for jailbroken iPhones) but that behavior could be against Misty store terms and conditions and/or potentially void any warranty (Please note I can not authoritatively speak on behalf of Misty policies but these types of policies are fairly commonplace when it comes to app stores or software distribution networks). Also, formal licenses or license keys could be used to identify if a store skill is allowed to be run on a specific robot. I.e. before running a store skill, Misty could check to see if the license associated with the onboard store skill assets is valid.

  3. I have done some testing of performance of recorded skills across a set of robots and I have found that performance can vary. I do not have any formal benchmarking data to present at this time but the way recording skills are structured is essentially an api call corresponding to a drive command or action and a time interval at which that api command is to be executed.

Again, I can not make promises on behalf of Misty but I can speak hypothetically and in terms of what I would like to do to expand the Skills Store.

Also note, there are some enhancements and bug fixes for the store app that correlate with changes that were part of the latest robot software updates that are going to be pushed to the Google play and Apple app store in the coming weeks so if the app seems locked up at certain menus that fix is coming.


Just as a quick update, the bug where the driving menu in the app would lock up if you were using a Misty with the latest software is fixed. The app should be fully functional as long as your app and your Misty software are up to date with the latest releases. Cheers.