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Misty skills and memory

  • Misty have Qualcomm 820 has 32 GB and the Qualcomm 410 has 8 GB of Flash memory, when we upload skills to Misty, these skills storage in Qualcomm 820 or 410?

  • How to keep some skills on memory when Misty were powered off ?
    enable these skills are set to start on Misty boot up by default in the JSON StartupRules

Hi, @mayuanho

The skills you upload to Misty are stored on the 410, along with the robot’s own “app”. All of the skills remain on the robot until you remove them, and you can start a skill automatically when Misty boots up (like you said) by adding the string "Startup" to the "StartupRules" array in the skill’s meta file. Let us know if that answers your questions!

Thanks for your quickly answer, I still have question that how to know which skills I uploaded to Misty stored on the 410 memory ?

May be some skills are not necessary which I like to remove it, and how to remove it?


The quickest way to see a list of all of the skills you have installed on Misty’s 410 is to connect your Misty to your local network. Then, use the robot’s Wi-Fi IP address to connect to the Skill Runner web page. All of Misty’s installed skills appear in the Manage section. Click the trash can icon next to a skill to delete it.

If you are familiar with making REST requests, you can use the Misty Robotics API Explorer, cURL, or a REST client like Postman to issue requests to the robot’s REST API and perform operations like obtaining a list of skills, starting skills, stopping skills, and deleting skills. These are the same endpoints that we use in the Skill Runner web page. You can read more about them in the developer documentation.