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Misty Skill: SimpleVoiceCommand

SimpleVoiceCommand is a JavaScript skill for Misty II that integrates with Dialogflow. When it runs, you can activate Misty with her wake word (“Hey, Misty!”) and command her to change her LED to a new color (“Change LED to red/green/blue”). Refer to this skill as a starting point for building your own, more advanced voice interactions with Misty.

You’ll need to set up your own Dialogflow agent to run this skill; check out the readme in the GitHub repo to learn how to set up “intents” for working with Misty. Then, update the meta file with the URL for your cloud function and the project ID for your Dialogflow agent.

Improving the SimpleVoiceCommand Skill

This skill demonstrates a very basic integration of Misty’s end-of-speech detection with Google’s Dialogflow service. A more advanced version of this skill would handle mapping of color strings to byte RGB values, so that Misty could handle more color requests than just red, green, and blue. Other improvements would add more intents to the Dialogflow agent, so that Misty could handle a more interesting variety of commands, including (but not limited to):

  • Head movement (“Look at me”, “Look up”, “look down”, “Look left”)
  • Arm movement (“Raise your left hand”)
  • Expression (“Play a happy sound”, “Make a sad face”)
  • Locomotion (“Turn around”, “Drive straight”, “turn left”, “Back up”)
  • Triggering other JavaScript or .NET skills to start (“Start my Hello World skill”, “Run my face rec skill”)