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Misty Skill: Simple obstacle detection and moves to score a touchdown

Description: Misty Drives forward, then around an obstacle.

The code is simple but something to build on. Have been working on this a while.:grinning:

The software starts with small forward then back movements to indicate the start of the skill. When Misty detects an obstacle <0.5m away, the LED turns blue, and then when obstacle is <0.25m, the LED turns red. Misty then backs up. LED turns purple when reached full back. Then Misty drives around the obstacle using a turn left, turn right, then drive straight moves. The left/right move functions can be re-ordered to change the direction Misty takes around the obstacle.

Code Limitations:
-Only one obstacle is detected. Need to have Misty re-subscribe to the TOF distance after Misty has backed up.
-Only the left front TOF is used. Need to monitor all TOF sensors.
-The left/right moves after Misty backed up are tuned specifically to navigate this sized obstacle.
-Misty is sent on an initial path with DriveTime for 12 seconds. In future software, I expect that there will be a place (kitchen, lobby, etc.) that Misty could be directed to, and then the obstacle software will just need to define how to get around the obstacle, and not the complete path.

Video Notes: There are two successful takes. One where Misty drives to the left and one to the right. I played with different sized footballs - the large one gave me lots of problems so ended up using a small football Easter Egg. The last run is with the larger football.

There is much to add to this basic program so that regardless of how many defenders are set up, Misty always makes it through.


@MorningR, I just tried this out and it worked like a charm. Nice! Great job with the arms/hands too, although I can see the large football would be an issue.

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Nice! I was expecting Misty to straight-arm BB-8 with that arm out :slight_smile: