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Misty Skill – Send Commands to 1 or More Misty Robots

This Misty Skill demonstrates how a user can send commands to 1 or more Misty robots anywhere in the world. This is a proof-of-concept prototype – not a fully tested solution. Sample commands include: FLASH_LEDS, MOVE_HEAD, MOVE_ARMS, DISPLAY_TEXT, SPEAK_TEXT, LOOK_AROUND and SING_SONG. It uses the Azure Cognitive Services – Speech Service to translate text to speech / audio files.

Refer to the installation and configuration instructions in the Git Repo for more details. Feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you with the installation and configuration of the different components. As you will see, it is a bit more complex than a basic Misty Skill and it is my first Misty Skill / project :slight_smile: .

To learn more about Azure DevOpts, I decided to store the source code in an Azure DevOpts Public Repository. If it does not work well then I will move it to GitHub.

Below is a link to the README on the public git repo:

Any feedback on this project would be greatly appreciated.


cool! have you thought about integrating with an existing solution instead, e.g., ?

Cool! I will look into it.

to be clear, I am not suggesting that your goals are already realized by, which is by one of the original developers of Let’s Robot.

also, I am building a general system that provides remote access to robots. I will need to learn more about what you are building to recommend whether you might be able to leverage what I already have.

in any case, there is a lot of incidental complexity that does not involve robots per se, e.g., user authentication and authorization. I am happy to provide tips!

Got this up and running today! Thanks for publishing, it works like a charm! Now to start modifying :wink: I’d like to update the client scripts to run from a web browser. I think it would be cool to allow users to register, get a key, plug it into their skill’s .js file and have something similar to the Command Center available from anywhere.

@slivingston Will Rerobot be agent based? It looks from the demo video that the site is establishing a remote proxy session with a machine on the same network as Misty, rather than communicating directly with Misty.

what is “agent based”?

the demo videos and are out-of-date, but yes, there is still a proxy via a machine that is physically local to (i.e., on the same network and within several meters of) the Misty robot.

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