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Misty Skill: Pace Back and Forth

Description: This is an extension of squareDrive() function in the sample code. The paceDrive function travels longer distances and turns 180 degrees around, and then does it again to try to consistently return to the same spot. The pace distance may be changed. In this skill it is set to <1m.

This skill is also used to test out turns on different floor types: carpet, hardwood, cement. The consistency over 5 turns is reasonable. But there is something going on…haven’t figured it all out. I cannot get Misty to do more than about 5. This video was taken with older software version (Pre-12/17/19 Release), but just tested the code on 12/17 release and it works as good as before.

Note that I am not using any localization. Relying solely on the IMU yaw to ensure Misty is driving in the proper direction.

There are others working on similar ideas, and wanted to share. The metric I used to evaluate this Skill is how many times can Misty pace back and forth and stay in the “same” spot. Watch the video and it should be clear what I mean. And the video is time-lapse (you are welcome). If you want to watch Misty pace back and forth in real-time, feel free to download the code.

I can see building other skills off of this in the future. Or, if nothing else, maybe I can outsource my worried pacing to Misty. :wink:


Love that there is always another @MorningR skill to dive into!