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Misty Skill: MistySkillSelector

This sample skill lets you use Misty’s capacitive touch and bump sensors to view, start, and stop Misty’s skills. When it runs:

  • Touch Misty’s chin to toggle the display layers that show the installed skills and their current run status.
  • Touch Misty’s front left and right bump sensors to “scroll” through the list of skills.
  • Touch Misty’s rear left or right bump sensor to start or stop the selected skill.


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Great skill I was wondering how to do something like this and I’m thankful as a new programmer that I have yours to build off of. I do have one question tho. When my Misty’s front bumpers are clicked before the chin is touched they bring up the display as if the chin was touched. The back bumpers work properly and are conditional on the chin but the front seems to be ignoring it. Any solution?