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Misty Skill: Misty Hand Switch and Distance Sensor

This skill is an improvement on getSerialSwitch and attempts to extend Misty’s sensor capabilities by detecting obstacles higher than the front time-of-flight sensors will detect. The skill uses a push-switch placed at a height of Mistys hand, and a MaxBotics ultrasonic sensor - the MaxBotics LV-MaxSonar-EZ MB1010 MB1010 LV-MaxSonar-EZ1 | MaxBotix Inc.

Arduino code is here. The directory also has the JavaScript code.

Video of initial testing here: So nice that the distance appears on screen - makes debugging much easier. The distance of a box obstacle (in inches) is displayed on Mistys screen as the box is moved closer. Note the delay in value changing after movement. At the end of the video the hand switch operation is shown. And the test setup.

-The setup uses magnet prop arms, which allows for height adjustment. And allows for arm movement when Misty actually runs into obstacles.

-This is all prototype - though I did spend a little time trying to make it look nice. It uses the “official” backpack.

Here is a picture of the arm and hand mechanics - shows the basic concept. Had to abandon the wand idea for now - it was very unreliable. This arm is shorter and more robust.

I have driven Misty around manually while running the skill, and it works to backup when Misty bumps something “most” of the time. The distance sensor values are not used yet.