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Misty Skill: Misty Dance Skill

My shared code for this misty Dance-off mission is at the public GitHub link below:

And the video can be viewed at the You-tube link below:

If there’s any problem getting these files at these links, please let me know.


Amazing – thanks for sharing your skill, @phillip.vinhha!

Very cool! I like the added lights for effect!

Great job @phillip.vinhha ! Misty might survive, but I am not going to with competition like this! So awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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Can’t just let @phillip.vinhha have it by default! Thank you Phillip for sharing your code.

Here are two short entries into the Dance Off. I put them here in this same Misty Dance Skill, since they are dances, and decided not to create a redundant Misty Skill entry named the same thing. @Ben Let me know if you want me to move them.

The first is a simple waltz that uses a modified squareDrive function from the beginner tutorials. Some simple changes to make the waltz go forward and reverse. Prop arms used. Yes, the timing is off. Misty is still learning.

The second dance is in case the jugdes like a different type of music, and just want to rock out.

All the code, plus some other dance moves I worked on are at link below. All of these moves are scheduled, and do not make use of listening to sound.

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