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Misty Skill: Halloween Costume Selector

Description: Do you or your children have a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween? Misty can help!

Presently Misty will just cycle through costume ideas, returning to default Misty before each one. The goal is to develop this skill to randomly select a Halloween costume based on either a voice request or a bumper press (neither of these are implemented yet).

I only implemented 3 costumes :frowning:. Do you have an idea for a costume? Suggest it and I will try to add it. Or use the code and add it yourself!

VideoNote: I will try to eventually add a video, but did not for a couple reasons - first, no youtube account and second, there are “characters” that are copyrighted. How to handle this? Will start with conservative option.

This skill uses some sound tracks I collected online. The links to these .wav files are included in the skill files, and they will need to be downloaded.

ImageNote: The best way I have found to modify Misty images is to download an existing image from Misty, and then edit it in a paint program, keeping it the same size and trying to keep a hint of the underlying Misty image.

Have fun!


Love it! @MorningR Mind if I tweak your post slightly to show more of the skill code?

Please tweak it as you see fit.

Ok…well…no one has any Halloween ideas. Maybe I should have named the skill along the lines of “A study on the maximal conveyance of information in small general-purpose home robots.” The Misty platform provides so much to play with - sound, movement and light. No worries, though. Halloween is almost upon us! And we are all set - even Misty!

Here videos of some of my favorite characters. One video with sound (will leave posted if I can) and one without. Imagine Misty is asked “What should I be?” or “What should Misty be?”

Video with no sound:

Video with sound:

Sidenote 1: Looking for a voice generator, came across this site:

You have to play with it to get the sound to come out right. It is free. In order to download audio.wav use Chrome. Play around with it, but only when you have time. It is way too much fun. Or is that wwwayyy tooo mucchh fffun. Or is it…

Sidenote 2: Will Misty recognize Halloween masks as different faces? I could not get this to work, but maybe was using the wrong masks too far away from a human face. Needs more study. I think I need to add scary vs not-scary filter…and not show the bloody zombie monster at high volume to a young trick-or-treater.

Have fun!

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Hehe nice. Wish they gave more controls to produce some more variety.

Both the face detection and recognition were trained on human faces. If the mask deviates too much from what a normal human face looks like (including proportions, structure, etc) it won’t work. You can check first with just detection on. If that doesn’t see it then recognition won’t even be attempted.

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