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Misty Skill: getSerialSwitch

@johnathan I have heard of this mythical Misty Arduino backpack - but only seen blurry pictures. Does the backpack have a pinout that can be shared?

Obviously, I cannot wait. While I considered myself patient, the Misty Team has shown multiple times that I am not.

The video above shows the workings of a switch circuit. Misty holds a wand and when the wand is pressed, the Arduino sends a “Pressed” message over serial. Misty will back up. I told Misty to cover her eyes and only pay attention to the switch, but I suspect there is peeking going on. The code for both Misty and Arduino is here:

One finding - the Arduino backpack has to be removed from Misty to load a new Arduino program. Is this the same for the official backpack?

I don’t have a pinout that I can share here (yet) but the pinout for the Misty backpack is similar to that of the Arduino Uno. (Misty’s backpack runs at 3.3v logic, instead of 5v).

That depends. The Misty II board has a switch that you can use to toggle the RX/TX pins from 0/1 (the default hardware serial pins) to 8/9 (for software serial). This is handy when using a shield that needs to use the board’s default hardware serial pins. When you’re using hardware serial to communicate with Misty (pins 0/1), you’ll have to disconnect the board before you upload your code. If you’re using the software serial pins, you should be able to leave the board connected.

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Awesome! @johnathan that helps me out. I want to make sure that Arduino code can be easily transferred. Looking forward to cleaning up the wiring mess with the new backpack!