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Misty Skill: External Air Quality Check

So my submission for the External API Mission. Not super exciting to start but I think as I have more time this can be more interesting.

Misty Skill - External Air Quality Check - Misty gets AirQuality from Breezometer’s API and has an animated response to the quality.

Added this to the Skills area as well.

Here is a video of Misty’s response to San Jose’s Air Quality it was only moderate so she wasn’t very excited:

And here is the code:

Prerequisites: Create an API account on This utilizes the free Air Quality API which is free for a 14 day trial.

After you have signed up for your account you will need to update the key in the skills .json file “breezeApiKey”: “<Your API Key From Breezometer”,

Also for your location right now you must set the Lat and Lon keys in the skills .json file. There are plenty of places to convert your location to Lat and Lon. I was using Get Lat Long from Address Convert Address to Coordinates but you can also get it form Google Maps. The default at the moment is the city of San Jose.

Still a lot to refine on this. Definitely see a lot of places it could go.



Awesome that you are so active and sharing, Scott. Love it.

I moved this post here for easier visibility. As a side note, < spoiler alert > you were the winner of the first round of the last challenge. We should have mentioned that on the call tonight. We’ll reach out to get your prize to you.

Thanks Ben! Just doing these to work through more pieces. I had actually created a skill titled the same things as well and posted it so now I think we have duplicates. You can remove this one if you want as all of the pieces are in the other skill post or the one I had created in here earlier.

Very cool.

That’s awesome! It would be really cool if someone could re-purpose this “Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System” Arduino project into a backpack that keeps track of your indoor air quality using the map generated by the SLAM system!

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Very cool. Maybe Misty could even search out sources of issues and alert on them. Might be tricky with air movement though I guess. Definitely something to play with.