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Misty Skill: Display Home Energy Monitor Info

Description: A whole house energy monitor measures and records the energy usage of a house. This information is normally buried and hidden in the cloud or in a smartphone app that is only monitored when the app is open. This Misty Skill brings the information out to the world to show how much energy is being used.

Why is this a good Misty Skill? Misty can display the information in more meaningful terms for all members of the household.

The specific monitor used is a Neurio. Energy Monitor - Neurio If you use a different monitor, they most likely have an API, and it may have a different data format.

Misty checks the total house power consumption through a local ip address. An API is available.

Thresholds for low and high are set in the skill. Presently these will need to be manually set for your house.

The power monitor information is displayed in 3 ways:
First, change the LED to either red, green, or yellow.
Second, raise left arm to indicate power level. A raised arm indicates high energy consumption, and lowered arm means low consumption.
Third, Misty’s display changes to “energy” eyes with lighting bolt.

Simply by looking at Misty you can tell the relative present energy consumption of the house.

Here is a video that runs the Show Off portion of the skill. (Conveys the idea without me running around the house turning everything on and off.)

There are many add-ons to this, but for now just wanted to get a basic Display Meter capability in Misty for my Hello World submission.

Future Improvements:

-Indicate a large power usage change event - such as when a specific appliance turns on or off

-Feedback for eco-mode devices which checks that turning to eco-mode actually reduces power consumption. Imagine being able to say “Misty, put house in eco-mode” and Misty sending messages to all eco devices

-A Game: Misty tracks power usage over time (say 5-30 minutes) then says “Play Energy Game” and members of household have to go lower power consumption 5% (or more), and Misty provides real time feedback on the effect of turning on and off certain devices appliances. The game is won by lowering power consumption 5%, and Misty tracks this reduced level and then has you play the game again when power usage reaches a higher threshold level.


Very cool! Love the gamification aspect!

And let me just ask is that a Lego Arm on Misty?

I don’t know if it’s the same, but I know @cp_sridhar has created a Misty arm with lego attachment points on it :slight_smile:

Yes, it is a Lego Arm. The Misty Team has provided a bunch of CAD models and the 3D-printed right arm is straight from here:

Ummm… doing some “serious research” here :wink: , to try out different arms, and Legos are a quick way to concept out ideas.

Awesome! I hadn’t come across these yet. I had been playing with the Canholder that they had provided but hadn’t seen these.

I like the concept of continuous energy monitoring. You could also have fun with how the robot reacts to changes in energy use. It’s a bit like the robot is a Jedi; if there is a sudden change in energy use, the robot could “sense a great disturbance in the Force” and become sad.

Separately, as a mechanical engineer, I’m interested in what arm configurations you’re building! Anything you can show?


Ready to show, it is not. To wait you will have to. Hmm.