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Misty Simulator


Is there one? if not, is there one in the works? could allow for devs to get familiar and test/create some skills before hardware arrives. Would also be fun to have for RL learning or pop into something like AirSim or use the newer ML Unity stuff.
If no one has started it, I wouldn’t mind getting something started in Unity, that is if y’all have a 3D model with somewhat accurate dimensions and sensor placement.

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It isn’t something that we are actively working on but we know people will want it.

@CHRIS_IS_MISTICAL and I were just talking about this.


Nvidia’s ISAAC Simulator really intrigues me, but like most of Nvidia’s stuff it’s not very accessible.


it might be useful to first articulate the list of use-cases that you want simulation to address. for examples,

  1. to test superficially how a program interacts with the SDK or Misty hardware, providing some basic dynamic analysis and mock objects without actually exposing hardware;

  2. to work on planning and control with respect to some abstract sensors, without trying to simulate the real sensors, e.g., by supposing that face recognition always works within some radius of simulated humans;

  3. to work on computer vision part of perception, e.g., by using photo-realistic rendering from Unreal or Unity.

These examples motivate different solutions. The first could be addressed by a pure Python package that emulates some of the Misty’s API, whereas the second can be built with Gazebo.


I am a fan of the Gazebo path, but just my 2 cents.


Re-opening this thread. Anybody else have any other Simulators they use or recommend us checking out?