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Misty shows a Socket Communication Error message on her display

This message appears on Misty’s display when the 410 and 820 processors on her headboard can’t communicate with each other. When this happens, the system attempts to re-establish communications, and if that’s successful, the message disappears. However, in some Misty II prototypes we’ve observed that this reconnection attempt fails, and the error message remains on Misty’s screen.

When Misty is in this Socket Communication Error state, she won’t be able to connect to her web-based tools, and she won’t respond to requests you send to her REST API endpoints using her wireless IP address. You’ll also see the blue LED light beneath Misty’s flashlight (also called her “tally” light) switch on. We’re actively working to resolve this issue. Currently, you can clear this message and re-establish headboard communications by rebooting your FEP prototype.