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Misty says 'Update failed contact support'


Hi There, After recent Misty update last week, the Misty doesn’t boot. I see ‘Update failed’ on the screen. Any clue to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Atul!

I’m so sorry for the trouble. If it isn’t even booting, this is going to take some discussion. I’m really sorry, but can we move this discussion over to our Slack channel? If that’s not convenient, we can go back and forth here. I’m going to ping you on Slack, in case that works for you.


ok, sure Donna. Please let me know the slack channel, I’ll join now.


We’re at: and the support channel is technical_support.

You are showing up as an existing user of that slack, and I’ve mentioned you, so I’m hoping that will work to get you going. Thanks for your patience!