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Misty Robotics blog: Why We're Big Fans of Little Vector

By our CEO @tenwall – please share your thoughts!


Yes I had ordered one also. They are cute. They are voice/sound responsive, other sensors, vision, face identification, SLAM, Time of Flight out of the box.

  • Good stuff for someone to read is their legal and documentation.

  • It can ‘talk’ robotic like… Mostly it beep type sounds like R2D2
    (which is better than C3P0 yapping all the time).
    And it is pretty cool how much expression it can produce with just:
    - two eyes
    - beeps etc.
    - movements

  • First step is voice response, and vision for personal responses.

  • SLAM, Time of Flight, etc. are more for normal robotic interaction of environment.


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I ordered one as well. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can get Misty II and Vector to interact :sunglasses:

This last Thursday Anki ran a webinar that focused on Vector’s personality engine. Here is the link:

FYI: a post in Anki’s Development Forum noted that this link works in Chrome but not in Safari.


This video is along the lines of something @Chris and I have been discussing getting going. Maybe we’ll post in another topic about what people would like to see.


I just ran across a very complete review of Anki’s Vector

Towards the end of the above article is an easily found link of an “older” long article on Misty Robotics and Misty I.

I think it is very interesting that the Fast Company article adds a small paragraph discussing gender pronouns for Vector and Cosmo. It will be interesting to see, as consumer robotics become more prevalent, how this is handled. I personally see it being a situation like cars, where some people use “she” and others use “He” when describing them and both are acceptable.


There’s some interesting research on robots and gender, including this recent paper:


This article provides a lot to to think about. Thanks @Dan.
I took another careful look at Misty - I’m trying to decide what about her physical appearance gives her an androgenous look, or a female look, or a male look.

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Anki had another live stream a few hours ago on Vector’s visual capabilities

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