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Misty Robotics blog: Why Misty II is a great enterprise solution

By CEO @tenwall. Please let us know what you think!


When I read the title I thought it was going to be a stretch to apply the Misty Robot to the enterprise. But after reading the “pent-up demand” bullets, the idea started to make sense to me. It reminded me of the Arduino model…use something attainable and affordable to prototype bigger ideas.
Looking fwd to the follow-up posts.


The way we see it, lots of experimentation can and will occur. For some, the Misty II as-is will solve the problem - or 80% of the problem and it’ll be very affordable to do so. For some, it will require a hardware extension via the normal ports. For some - perhaps a majority(?) - they will learn that the full solution requires a robot with capabilities x, y and z. Maybe x, y, and z will be in the Misty III or maybe not - but the worst the enterprise is out is the cost of a laptop and they gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. The most challenging part is the size - while we know LOT can be done with the Misty II, it’s a challenge to figure out how big to make a robot that doesn’t scare the average person who doesn’t deal with robots a lot while making it very visible.

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