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Misty Robotics blog: What Goes into Building a Robot

A tour of building your own. What do you guys think? Did we miss anything?


A very nice summary.
I would add:

Mechanical design area, which is a tough area.
- How it has to move/terrain (rolling/track clearance, walk, stairs, water, air)
- And even smaller things like the difference between the Misty beta with a single servo holding the head up versus the Misty II (with the pitch, yaw, roll which would not require constant power) or a threaded ‘gear’ like you see in 3D printers or worm gears. Sometimes used in biped walkers but slow. With walking it is even more vital.

Aesthetics - is another area that takes a lot of effort (not my forte) :slight_smile:

Other sensors that I like that are easy are the accelerometer/gyro.
- Besides gauging speed of movement and orientation
- How it is treated

Also when building you often first consider:

  1. Goals/function
  2. Features needed
  3. Operating system
  4. Then Hardware based on driver support for OS/features needed
  5. API’s
  6. Application/brain
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