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Misty Robotics blog: Robot Development Platforms Pt. 1


New quick blog post by yours truly on development frameworks for robots. Please take a read and don’t be shy about letting me know if I missed any important ones. :slight_smile:


Lightweight Communications and Marshalling (LCM) (

which is not a general framework like ROS, but rather, focused on messaging inside robots. However, for getting started with sensors, visualization, process monitoring, etc., you can build on something like the venerable GitHub - libbot2/libbot2: libbot2


Woohoo! Thanks for the great tips, Scott!


Thanks again very much for the tips, Scott! I just traded out Miro for a quick mention of LCM in the blog post. It’s perfect that LCM still has some recent development going on, as well as a focus that none of the other frameworks I discuss have. I ended up leaving libbot off, simply because it was indeed venerable and didn’t seem quite as widely used. Really appreciate your taking the time to read and comment!