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Misty Moving Alarm Clock

If you are anything like me, you have a difficult time waking up in the morning. I’ve known people that can turn off easy alarms in their sleep. A Misty alarm clock would wake you up with sound and light, making sure to be far enough away that you cannot easily deactivate the alarm.

Future: Integrate the personality components so that she selects songs for alarm clocks based on her internal state.


heh, you could add claws to Misty and then have her start to scratch at the door if you don’t get up and turn off the alarm. Misty. Programmed for destruction! :metal:


I think it would be fun if she would gradually escalate things. Like if the first two suggestions didn’t work, have her attach to the covers either by gripper or trailer hitch and then drive away leaving you cold and unable to fall back asleep. :joy: