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The workplace in the 21st Century is a collaborative, dynamic and increasingly technologically sophisticated environment. Whether you work in the City, on Wall Street, Waterloo, the East Coast to Austin, Millennials are adopting new technologies at an astounding rate to boost workflow efficiencies and accuracies.

From Slack to Trello and Tableau - I can’t think of a better time to start pushing the boundaries of this space for the introduction and integration of workplace automata.

AI has been a corporate buzzword for for a few years now, but whilst we’re yet to see any fully-fledged working example of an IBM Watson acting as the MD’s J.A.R.V.I.S to a Stark, I’m yet to hear of any office-based physical needs for robots.

With this in mind, and working in such an environment myself, I wanted to start a discussion on how robots, and more specifically Misty, can be positioned to thrive in a corporate environment. We’ve heard a lot about about what we’d like to see Misty do in our homes, but let’s see how we can apply similar ideation of features and scenarios where a robot can not only augment the intelligence and workflow in an office environment BUT can transform it!

Here’s are two thought to kick-start the discussion:

  1. Having a Misty in every meeting room to log attendance through employee facial recognition, greet attendees and take commands like: “Start and project my video conference Misty” OR “Please remind/find John that the meeting has started, he’s late” OR "Can you order us some coffee and water for the table Misty’?

  2. Text Recognition and Document Sharing capabilities to allow an employee to request Misty visit their desk, for the employee to hold up a document in front of Misty, for Misty to scan this and take a command of where to save or share it in a cloud-based docs sharing folder for other colleagues to access.

What do you think we could do in this space?


As a veteran of many awkward, inefficient corporate meetings (I’m ex-Apple/Amazon/Adobe/Salesforce), I will vouch for the fact that having a robot in the room to facilitate resolving both the inevitable A/V issues and the inevitable human ones would be so welcome.

And I love the idea of having Misty robots roaming the office hallways, stopping at cubes to help as needed. You could have an always-open app on your desktop to request Misty come by.

Our CEO @tenwall wrote a thoughtful blog post on enterprise use of personal robots last month. He may be able to speak to some of the interest we’ve heard so far.

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@Donna, I too, am ex- Apple/Amazon, and agree that helpful robots in the workplace could go a long way. I love this whole idea. It reminds me of how we used to joke that the fastest way to get service in an Apple Store was to bring a dog. Cuteness diffuses all kinds of things and helps people smile. And you can’t get much better than helpful cute. I love the open app idea that could alert the robot, etc.

Could she also serve as a sort of emotional support robot? It’s an idea I’ve been toying with since I signed on. These modern jobs are sneakily stressful. I can think of loads of ways she could help. Her learning personality can adapt, and simplistically she can play kitten videos…

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I think this would be soooo useful.
Thanks for your sharing your thoughts @Donna and @TaraKing.
I’m sure we’ll be looking back in 15-20 years from now, like we do with computers these days, and wonder at how we managed to do our jobs without the use of robots.
Hopefully we’ll get there sooner with the help of Misty.