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Misty left arm is not working

Hi, just got my misty today as i am testing out features in the command center when i try to move misty left arm it spins constantly without stop. It seems there is some problem with the left arm sensor as the degree it reports never changes

After i updated the from the default version. Now her SLAM doesn’t work so is camera and i can’t upload any files or pictures. So far many commands from the command center do not work for me

Heya Longchass,

Sorry that you’re having issues with your Misty. Lets work together and we will get this resolved for you, one way or another.

It sounds like the encoder harness for the left arm is either broken or not fully seated in place. Its fairly straight forward to check one side of the harness to see if the connector is correctly seated in its place in the control board. To do this, follow the procedure for removing the plastic track covers of the robot, shown in section 3 of the following web post (we only care about the part of removing covers, you can ignore the rest). Start with only doing steps 1, 2, and 3 in this post.

On step 4, instead of removing the front gray plastic fan holder, lets do the same thing but on the back plastic fan holder instead. Just remove the two screws holding it down, and it comes off. Note there is a fan power cable connected here. You don’t need to disconnect that, instead you can just leave the plastic gray piece “hanging” by the cable off the side. Just be gentle with it as you move it. It doesn’t hurt to disconnect the cable, though, if you would rather get it out of the way. Feel free to do so, just remember how it goes in so you plug it back in correctly.

We want to look for a 3 wire cable that has two blue wires and one black one. Follow that down to the motor control board, which is the top one in the stack in the back of the robot, so luckily its fairly easy to find the right connector. It will be on the left side, a bit more than halfway forward of the center of the board. What we want to check is that the wiring harness is fully seated in the connector, and that there aren’t any wires that look like they are even slightly coming out of the housing. So it should look like in the picture below:

If you have any doubts, just take a pretty good picture or two and send it back to us and we can inspect it here. If it looks correct on this end of the wiring harness, then likely we’ll want you to send the robot back to us to fix this, because it is not a fun process to get to the other side of the harness (trust me I’ve done this MORE than I care to recall). Also, unfortunately if its not disconnected on this end, the probability has gone up that this is actually something broken that we need to replace. So, if the end we can access here isn’t the problem, we’ll send you an email with all the things you’ll need to send the robot back to us to fix this.

As for the lack of SLAM and other camera services… most likely Sensory Services was shut down during the last update. It is possible to kick it back on with the following instructions. If you’re sending the robot back to us we can fix this when we have it. If you want to fix it though, if you run through the following instruction, it should get the the cameras and slam sensors back up and running.

Instructions for connecting to ADB:

Then issue this command from the command line:
am startservice com.mistyrobotics.sensoryservices/.MotherService

Keep us informed of how things go. We’re here to help however we can.

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Hi i have fixed the left arm. I have connected to misty using adb but i can’t run the command you posted

i also need to enable audio services

Starting service: Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] cmp=com.mistyrobotics.sensoryservices/.MotherService }
Error: Not found; no service started.
this is the error i got

i have also lost all of the misty default sounds.

Just to confirm, when you connect Misty to the Command Center, do you see 1.11.0 displayed for the Sensory Services Version in the section at the top of the page?

No I don’t I only see robot version and window OS version

Just so we have a record of it, was the problem with the left arm that the wires weren’t fully connected in the back of the robot, and you were able to fix that connection? Or did you do something else to fix it?

I’m pinging some more expert individuals on the sensory services issue. We’ll get back to you on that.

Weird. Looks like the update process uninstalled the old sensoryservices on the 820 but never installed the new one. That’s odd. There are quite a few safeguards against that happening. I’ll send you a binary to install via adb that should get you up and running, but can you please download the logs from the robot and send them to us. Would like to see what happened if we can.

@longchass can you please send us the logs when you get a chance. We’d like to track down why the sensoryservices on the 820 did not update properly.

Yes, I will try to do that in regard to the left arm the wire was disconnected.

@longchass If it’s useful, the Command Cennter offers a quick way to grab the most recent set of logs from your robot in a .zip package. You can follow these steps to get the .zip, and then send it to us in an email at Thanks for helping us investigate the issue further :slight_smile: