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Misty JavaScript extension doesn't generate meta file on "Upload and Run"

When using the Upload and Run command in the Misty JavaScript extension for Visual Studio Code, the extension fails to automatically generate a meta file when none exists in the same directory as your code file. For now, you can either a) use the Skill Runner to generate a meta file for your skill, or b) use the Upload command to automatically generate the meta file the first time you upload your skill to Misty.

This sound like the problem I am having. Could you please give a step buy step description of the solutions you mention and the method described in the “Uploading Skills with Skill Runner”. It involves mistySeesYou.js and mistySeesYou.jason files from GitHub and may have required Visual Studio Code to move the files correctly to a folder named mistySeesYou on the desktop. Is one of these files the meta file you write of?

Hi @steven.graham,

Thanks for posting your question here!

The file with the .json file type extension – in your case, mistySeesYou.json – is indeed the “meta” file for the skill. The meta file sets some important attributes that the system requires to run the skill – for example, it describes the UniqueID (a universally unique identifier, or “UUID”, that the system uses to identify the skill), it defines how the skill can start, what skills can access data that this skill saves, and more. You can read more about the .json meta file in the developer documentation.

There are detailed instructions about how to upload a JavaScript skill with the Skill Runner in the developer documentation, as well. When those instructions refer to your “skill files”, that means the .js and and .json files (which, in this case, you downloaded from GitHub). Please let us know if those instructions do not provide the information you need, or if you have additional questions about the process!

Hi Johnathan, Thanks for that. I tried out the “Hello World Tutorial” for head movement. It seemed to work O.K. I found that the Visual Studio Code did not have the Misty bit added. But I sorted that out and it all seemed to program as it should. I had one nick up in that the file name on the “json” file, at some time became “HellowWorld” It made it a bit difficult to find where the file had been created. Any way I (put that right) or thought I had. It all went right except that Misty did not move her head, instead the chest light went green, but only once. I think that may have been a skill that was installed by my friend. I will give it another try, and keep a closer eye on the file names.

Hi @steven.graham, glad you were able to make some progress! As for the green light, when you’re using the Skill Runner, that’s typically an indication that “the skill has been successfully uploaded to Misty”. I’d suggest checking in the “Manage” section to see if your Hello World skill appears there. If it does, you should be able to run it! :slight_smile: