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Misty II reporting different Network issue


Misty 2 claims that my phone and the Robot are on different networks and they are not.



Thanks Chris. For reporting this we really appreciate it and welcome to the community forum!

A few quick questions:

  1. Does this affect your ability to control Misty using the Companion Phone app?
  2. Does this still occur after you close and restart the phone app?

Apparently I’m limited to 1 screenshot in a post? Also, the mobile version of the site doesn’t show the option to upload screenshots to your tickets :slight_smile: — <-- Can this limit be removed? See attached.
It does let me move Misty II, but it does not show me any of Misty’s info…

Thanks @christopherwking we’ll look into removing that limit of attaching more than 1 picture.

Does this still happen when you turn on and off the phone and reconnect to Misty?

Also what type of phone is it? And what OS?


IPhone XS Max. I am going to test something when back home. It’s on an Orbi which might be handling 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz bands on a single SSID.


Awesome! Thanks @christopherwking keep us posted!

We’ll add these items to the Meta Category in the forums to discuss.

In case it helps, I noticed this too and mentioned it in a bigger list of feedback I provided at General feedback for Misty II App and Overview pages · Issue #83 · MistyCommunity/Documentation · GitHub - the response there was:

When I connect Misty II to the network I am getting a dialog box that says:
Wifi Network Mismatch
Your phone and Misty are currently on different wifi networks. Some app functions won’t be available. Would you like to change Misty’s wifi network?

The un-helpfulness of this alert is a known issue with the app :slightly_frowning_face: It’s leftover from a time when the app used more Wi-Fi functionality (whereas now, most functionality between the robot and the app happens via bluetooth). We’re looking at ways to improve the UX here, and should have an update for the app soon.

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Thanks @mbd and @christopherwking for reporting this issue. I’m concerned that this happens on certain routers/configurations where the phone and Misty are indeed on the same network but reporting it differently thus prohibiting some functionality on the phone application.

@christopherwking did this issue still happen when you went back home?

@mbd I’m assuming you left the hotel and don’t see this issue anymore but I’d love to diagnose and figure it out when you see the same issue. Feel free to report here if you see the same issue.

BTW, some networks (usually public, guest) do not allow peer to peer connections for safety reasons. This could be what is triggering this error.

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I’ll still be at the hotel for another couple of nights, happy to try some diagnostics or tests. Let me know what I can do.

(Edit: did a port scan, adding more info)

Confirming that:

  • I still get the mismatch error
  • both devices are on the same subnet
  • I can ping the Misty from my phone.
  • (and that it’s a secure PSK password protected wifi network without a captive portal)

Out of curiosity I note that the bot has non encrypted ports open. Is there any plan to offer a token or other layer of authentication to the bot, and/or implement encrypted communication?

And, is the ssh port accessible for users?

Good questions, we’ll check with those closer to these issues and follow up early in the week :slight_smile:

@mbd, following up on this:

While we have no plans for this at the time, I would strongly encourage you to post this request (and how you’d use it in your development) to the Wishlist category, so that other Misty developers can contribute and vote on it. Our product team reviews this category to prioritize new features and keep Misty’s roadmap in sync with what developers need.

And, is the ssh port accessible for users?

The ssh port for the Android device (that’s the IP address you typically use when using the Command Center or Misty’s REST API) may be accessible, but if it is, that access isn’t officially supported or documented. If you’re able to access it, I’m not sure there’s very much you can do with it at the time. That may change in the future – especially if we see a lot of interest around this in the Wishlist category!