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Misty II Fastener Upgrade


I would like to suggest that the fasteners used with the Misty II be replaced. Currently many of the fasteners are philips head screws in recessed openings. I have found it difficult to find a screw driver that would conveniently fit in the opening and that would work properly with the screw. I have dealt with these fasteners both in initially opening Misty II to connect the battery and recently in replacing one of Misty’s arms with a 3D printed one. In both cases I have ended up damaging the screws in the process. In the case of the arm I damaged the screw to the extent that it was no longer useable. I replaced it with an M3 socket head screw. This provided a superior fastener experience plus the Allen wrench worked much better in the recessed opening. If, as is planned, Misty II is to be a software and hardware development platform for early adopters then we must assume that the fasteners, at least those securing the arms, will be used frequently. This argues that the fasteners need to be more robust and easier to use that those currently in place.


Thanks for the feedback @miker!


For future reference:

The screw type is Phillips #2 aka PH2. Where the screws are inside a plastic channel those channels are .215 inches in diameter. So you need a PH2 screwdriver that has a shaft diameter smaller than that.

Edit - we actually ordered the one I linked and not only does it not have the stated diameter but it’s like 2’ long :slight_smile: