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Misty ii and Nvidia Jetson Nano

I have been working with both Misty ii and several Nvidia Jetson boards. It is surprising how well those jetson boards perform with all those CUDA cores. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could stick some CUDA power inside of misty!?!?!?

I know you guys are just releasing misty ii, and the potential is endless with the use of cloud services, but I was in a situation where the internet was not great, and our misty did not perform well. I was using Microsofts cognitive services for some vision services, and the delay was so bad due to my internet connection.

If we could put some CUDA cores onboard misty, I think we could reach more people and places. I am not sure how easy or hard it would be to get Nvidia on board with you guys, but that would be pretty awesome.

The Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer kit is pretty small and pretty affordable, as well. Coming in around 99 bucks and with 128 CUDA cores.

I was thinking about just strapping one to the back of misty, but a few people asked me if I could trade one of the dragon boards for a Jetson Nano.

To my understanding, the dragon board 410 is the android system, and the dragon board 820 is the windows IoT device.


Close! It’s actually the other way around – Windows IoT Core is running on Misty’s 410, and Android on the 820 :slight_smile: (We’re hoping to have an abstracted diagram of Misty’s processing architecture in the docs soon.)

What was the reason for using the Android system? Could you not handle everything with just the one board? I know the android is used to connect to Wifi and the app right?

The computer visions systems actually can eat up quite a bit of compute and so operating them with their own processors made some sense when that decision was made more than 3 years ago.

Yea, those boards are awesome but I can see why you wanted to keep things separated.

Is all the software exclusively for the Windows IoT platform or could you run the software on ubuntu?

Say someone wanted to swap out that 410 for a Nvidia Nano :smiley:. I do not think Nvidia Jetson Nano supports Windows IoT and I have not opened the head yet so I am not sure how much room one would have to work with.

Yea, that’s not happening. First, there aren’t 2 different boards for 410 and 820. There is one carrier board for both SOMs. Second, there is no room. Third, cooling and power would be a problem. And finally, driver and software porting would be significant endeavors.

Your best bet is to have the Nano talk to Misty over WiFi.

Thanks @Vlad for the clarification!

Yea, I was afraid of all 3 of those points :rofl:

That makes sense. I will just make a 3d printed backpack/mount to misty if I really want to keep the jetson on board.

It needs 5v with 2A. So powering it would be interesting. For now just use a cellphone battery charger.

Do you know how big the battery is on misty?

The USB port on the back of Misty can’t provide that much power. My suggestion would be to use one of the battery arm designs from here: Misty Robotics collection - Thingiverse or something like it to power your Jetson Nano.