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Misty I Unboxing


I threw together an unboxing with startup, A) to document and B) for people to see. Audio isn’t the best, but whatevs.


a fun follow along. Cozmo meets Misty.


These are awesome. That Misty I (beta) Developer Edition prototype robot (<-- that’s a mouthful but is her full name) unboxing is a bit funny due to everything we had to do to get that to you in one piece.

Hopefully, we can get you the upgraded version without the board on the side and the MS camera soon!


This was a really cool watch- was curious about how Misty comes together out of the box!


It will only get better from there :wink:


Like Wall-E meets Eve.


It is a great idea to size the box for the cables, camera, etc. in the Misty package that gets shipped to customers so that it can also be used as a stand when working with Misty (to keep the robot’s tracks off the ground). Kudos to the person who came up with that!