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Misty I head movement in blockly

The Getting Started guide says one can move the robot’s head. So, I tried inserting a Head movement using the Yaw command. I set Pitch to 3 at velocity 2 and ran my Blockly script. That worked (head tilted upward). Then, I tried to get the head to come back down. I tried the following (with results after each try):

  1. Set Pitch to 1 (instead of 3), expecting it to come back towards the neutral (0) spot. Ran blockly. No movement.
  2. Set Pitch to -2, thinking that maybe 0 was current position and that to move it lower again it had to be negative. No movement.
  3. Wondered if maybe roll or yaw were the right commands for down (thinking Pitch might have just been up only). No movement.
  4. Got rid of my other Blockly blocks (which had some driving around and such) and just used one command – this time the Yaw command. Head “twitched” - meaning the motor moved for a split second and the robot sort of jiggled.
  5. Used Pitch and 5 as the setting (velocity 4) and, again, robot just “twitched”.

I suspect this is another bug – that it worked the first time and then somehow the environmental settings weren’t reset so that the Pitch command would work again.

If, on the other hand, the head pitch motor isn’t supposed to work with Misty I, then we should revise the documentation.

Daria and I did try head movements with Blockly:

  • We got her to move her head up, but she did not readily come back to neutral.
  • We also had her turn her head to the side, which caused her to “twitch”, as you note.

Update: I’m working on figuring out the right person to drag into this thread who can definitively answer about the readiness of Misty+Blockly for head movements.

Thanks for your patience!

From Jason:
“Regarding the state of Blockly + API… It looks like the next sprint we’ll have some work to clean up the current implementation. Once Misty I is out the door we actually have a newer, dynamic version that we want to finish work on, but we don’t expect it to be ready for primetime before Misty I launch.”

I take this to mean that maybe I should add a note to the docs to indicate that there are known issues with head movements. I’m reluctant to remove the mention of head movements entirely, as the functionality will remain in Blockly.

Donna, Yes, next sprint will see a bit of cleanup in Blockly. Many of the blocks that are present shouldn’t have been included in the outgoing build. We’ll have a consolidated block list next sprint, and will have well-tested head pitch movement.


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