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Misty I First Impressions

Hey all, I’m keeping a running document of first impressions/experiences with Misty I. Here are a bunch of early experiences thus far:

  • Fins needed to be re-seated after shipping, not packed securely and fins are gravity seated, so…
  • Unclear if 802 dev board powers on or not
  • Unclear if 802 dev board needs its own power (it has a charging port)
  • Could not get app to properly connect to drive (had wrong version)
  • Could not use TestFlight to get to new version (took an extra day)
  • New version connected and could drive robot but does not reveal IP address as documenation suggests is should (got IP address from router client table instead)
  • Started mapping and drove around but no map generated in app
  • Got blockly working but sound files were missing
  • Blockly takes about 1000 - 2000ms to execute a command
  • When driving from app, long delay between instructing and response, makes avoiding obsticles mostly impossible
  • Misty is LOUD when driving!
  • In Blockly, could not get “set head position” to operate reliably. Sometimes head position changed, mostly did not
  • Since I could not generate a map, I could not direct robot to reach coordinates
  • Limited blockly commands make use cases challenging (no way to use camera, get images, do image rec, respond to objects in path, etc.)
  • Occasionally gets stuck in a state where head is bobbing neutral to down and repeats, robot does not respond to commands, need to reboot
  • Going to try GET/POST and other API stuff soon…


Thanks for aggregating this list. We’ve got a handle on most of these items, and you should see resolution with Misty I. Mapping is still a work in progress, but you can expect to see much improved stability with the Misty I release. You’re the first person to comment that the drive motors are loud, but I’ve suspected that will be a point of contention. Internally, we’re testing several other drive ratios for Misty I, which should help with the noise a bit.

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