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Misty.Halt in C#

I am stuck on implementing _Misty.Halt in C#. The MotorMasks is hurting my brain, I see MotorMask has definitions for RightDrive, etc. I am having problems getting an Ilist for the function.
Any help would be appreciated.


Self Solved.
IList<MotorMask> myList = new List<MotorMask>();
_misty.Halt(myList, OnResponse);

I was working on a “look” that I wanted Misty to quickly drop her head. Moving Pitch at 100% velocity was a little slow. Also, I had arm movements happening at the same time. This code only stops her pitch motor.

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nice work!

Perhaps you could throw a pull request to https://github.com/MistyCommunity/Documentation with this example to improve documentation of the C# API.

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