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Hey Misty Community,

I was attempted to run Misty’s Explore Skill under the SampleCode repo. I was able to connect to Misty and run the skill in the browser. Misty then proceeds to set her pitch but never proceeds to move. I am thinking it is because I don’t have a map for Misty. Here is the error I get with the log.

How can I send the log file?

Thank you

Hi @sollazzo08,

From the screenshot it looks like the issue is not with your robot/missing a map (that’s the good news), but is instead related to this issue with that particular piece of sample code (that’s the bad). My guess is that there’s a faulty reference to some object that’s causing the failure. If you have a GitHub account, would you be willing to copy your post in this thread into the issue linked above so whoever works on this can use your screenshot as a reference?

In the meantime, if you’re interested in experimenting with mapping, for the best experience we recommend using the Navigation Module in the Command Center website to manually create a map. (Be sure to apply this Android patch to get the best performance out of Misty’s SLAM system.) And if an automated explore-type skill is what you’re after, you might try this sample Wander JavaScript skill.

Thank you for the quick response @johnathan ! I have copied the post into your GitHub post. I have been working with the Navigation Module in the Command Center and encountered issues with “[Lost Pose]” and locating the map key. I will checkout the Sample Wander skill.

Much Appreciated

Thank you!

There are a number of factors that contribute to how well Misty can map a given environment, including how quickly / the manner in which she is moving, lighting, surface texture, and more. If you haven’t checked it out already, the Mapping & Tracking tips & tricks post is a good place to find some best practices and learn about obtaining/maintining pose. I’d also recommend reading this blog post to learn more about the specifics of Misty’s depth sensor – and of course, feel free to post any additional questions you have here :slight_smile: