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Misty + Emotional Support for kids during COVID-19

The National Mental Health Innovation Center has published a Parent Viewing Guide for the Pixar Movie Inside Out for Engaging in Conversations with Kids about Emotions and Feelings.

Misty can use this guide too, to make it easier for parents to have conversations.
Video here: https://youtu.be/I9K8cbjzs_A

Note: This engament was created with the PEERbot software shown / discussed here. Please reach out to me if you have connections to therapists or interested tech-savvy parents :smile: (Definitely if they own a Misty… but also if they just have android tablets (in place of robot) and want to try limited features.)

This viewing guide is a resource for parents and families to promote emotional wellbeing during difficult times. It is intended to be used during and after watching the Pixar movie Inside Out.

This guide was originally developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it contains a broad list of questions to ask your child that promote conversations about emotions or responding to trying circumstances.


Thanks Aubrey!

Thanks! @Vlad. What the best way to ask this community if anyone has interest in trying a PEERbot application, specifically for use in social and emotional support for kids?

Looking for:

  • Tech savvy parents (patience with installing/ troubleshooting/ restarting apps)
  • Have co-located kids age 3-10
  • Working on social and emotional skills (e.g. emotions during COVID-19)
  • Ideally have a Misty 2 (or just Android tablet = limited features)


  • Alpha software (it’s a bit buggy)
  • Social and Emotional content. e.g. NMHIC


  • Use software with kids 1-3x
  • Give feedback

There’s no compensation. This is not a product.


I am interested in working with you on this! I own a Misty 2 and I’m home with my 7 year old daughter who has been having a really rough time with being cooped at home.

How do I get started? :slight_smile:

Awesome! @christopherwking !!
Next step is setting up a call (hangout / zoom) so I can get you some software and let you try it out with your daughter!

Looking forward to your feedback!