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Misty drives too fast (and doesn't drive in reverse) with DriveTrack command

We’ve discovered an issue where, when using the DriveTrack command in Misty’s REST and JavaScript APIs, passing in a negative value for the track velocity parameters does not reverse the direction of Misty’s track motors as documented.

Additionally, Misty ignores the system-wide velocity limit of 450 mm/s when running a DriveTrack command with parameter values of 100 for both track speeds. Under these conditions, Misty can drive as fast as 1260 mm/s. Misty’s hazards system cannot safely prevent the robot from running into obstacles or driving off of ledges at these high speeds. We are actively investigating this issue. For now, we recommend using Misty’s Drive, DriveTime, DriveArc, and DriveHeading commands for the safest and most robust driving experience.