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Misty developers in Australia

We have a growing group of Misty developers/supporters in the land down under

I’m starting a thread and will start tagging developers in the hopes that one day we can organize a Misty meetup there! and we can meet you all in person.

I know not everyone might be close but at the very least you’ll all be in somewhat similar time zones.

I’d love for all Aussies to introduce themselves and let others know what they are working on and hopefully start some form of collaboration.

P.S. @mbd actually came to a robot meetup recently in the bay area and brought some exceptionally good Tim Tams!

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I am located in Warragul Victoria, a bit out of the way but really interested to catch up with other enthusiasts.

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Sorry, been away for a bit. Glad you enjoyed the Tim Tams @Woo, I hope you shared some :-). I’d be happy to attend an antipodean meetup. I’m based in Melbourne, so we’re not super far away from each other @AlanW2. If other Aussies are around, I’d love to hear what kinds of things you’ve achieved with your Misty II so far. I’ve done the intro stuff, and hope to get deeper into it this year. So far, I’ve found myself too distracted with work and family to get as far as I’d hoped…

Nice, I am also located in the peoples republic of Victoria based in Melbourne, great to see a growing interest group down under

I actually work in CBD - Kingsway - so a catch up somewhere isn’t too hard… also work pressure means my progress will be slower than I’d like.

Hi Woo, My Misty and I are not quite on Australia, but I don’t expect there are many other Mistys in Kiwi Land. I visit Melbourne occasionally so we may get to catch up. I will take my Misty to the Christchurch robot club meeting when I can get it to do anything.