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Misty could be a companion to a young child who is afraid of being alone, afraid of finding bugs in the room, etc

I have a granddaughter who, during the day, doesn’t like being alone in her room on the second floor of her house. She feels like she has to have someone else on the same floor as well, both for companionship and because she is afraid she’ll encounter bugs.

Seems to me that it wouldn’t be too difficult to script Misty to be helpful in this type of situation.

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Starting with a need/demand/“pain point” when developing is so valuable. What kind of STEM educational games do you think would give her this sense of companionship while learning @BoulderAl ?

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She is going to a robot day-camp for a week or so. I’ll find out more about what she liked about this camp in a week or so.
Last year, when she was 6, she enjoyed an iPad game where she was asked to solve puzzled using a block-structured programming language. Overall that was a pretty good learning experience. I think that she would like it if she had access to something like this through Misty.
She also took chess club; playing chess with Misty might be interesting as well.

Continuing my thoughts, the most interesting question I can think of to address is how Misty might facilitate her interest and motivation in engaging in STEM-related games. That is, could Misty provide encouragement for staying on a task while taking into account the need for breaks or reaching an appropriate stopping point? Could Misty provide resources if a child gets stuck?

Two further points. First, you asked about games that could provide companionship.Both the Sphero SPRK and Wonder Workshop’s Dash would likely provide this. Unfortunately I haven’t had any direct experience with either of these.

Second, I wonder if Misty couldn’t be given the ability to contact resources for the various members of its family on an as-needed basis. This could include issues related to security (e.g., 911) as well as help. Misty could contact me, for example, if my grand-daughter needed help on a STEM task. Adults in the family would be able to make any kind of contact at any time (though Misty might want to verify in some way that there actually is an emergency) while children would need appropriate restrictions. Lots of issues to consider.