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Misty Comes Truly Alive Today

Most of you in our community who have been following us knows that Misty Robotics has a dream of enabling everyone to be able to solve problems with robots — wrenching the arcane technology world of robots out of the hands of the few thousand capable roboticists, globally, who have historically been called upon to deliver robot solutions to the market — and delivering a sophisticated, low-cost, moldable piece of robot-clay to every business person, educator, dreamer, inventor, innovator who can lay their hands on a software developer to create a robot solution that solves real-world problems.

Since we’ve launched, our customers, including many of you here in the Community, almost all of whom are non-roboticists and people who could never dream they could deliver robot solutions to the market, are fast at work creating solutions for the elderly, disabled children, children in hospitals, office workers, office managers, parents at home and other people who could be served by a robot. These solutions can be found in our Solution Hub — and it keeps growing each month. Some of them have reached the point where they’re actively selling these solutions.

But then COVID-19 hit.

And hit hard.

Eldercare facilities: locked down. Schools: shut down. Children’s Hospitals: in crisis mode.

So, Misty’s useful work has been delayed by the brutal health pandemic sweeping the globe.

Which meant it was time for the Misty Robotics team to jump in and create a solution for the present crisis — a solution that can enable offices, schools, clinics, eldercare facilities, and others to create a level of comfort for their employees, customers, and visitors.

We’ve created our own skill for Misty (a.k.a. “robot app”) called the Temp Screening Assistant.

The Misty autonomous temperature screening robot is a dynamic, engaging and fun solution to a Covid-era problem. Typically stationed at building and office entrances, Misty automatically engages with visitors and employees to gather contactless temperature readings and answers to standard covid exposure questions. Misty is friendly and consistently polite with an appearance and personality that transforms an awkward fact-of-recent-life into a surprising and novel experience (how fitting for the “novel” coronavirus!).

We’re announcing the Misty Temp Screening Assistant today and taking orders for pilots delivered in mid-July. Initial supplies are limited because “temperature checking” of human beings has created, shall we say, “gooey” supply chains. Our first customers will be innovators who don’t want to pay a human to stand at a door with a thermometer all day and, instead, want a friendly, pleasing, dynamic robot to interact with their employees and visitors.

Much of the above is in a Medium post we launched today - read here for a continuation of that post to learn more about the Misty Temp Screening Assistant (skill and associated hardware).

What are the implications to Misty Robotics and to our Customers?

As you know, we are concentrating on enabling many, many robot skills - as created by many of you - via our platform robot, Misty II. Some skills are commercial and in our Solutions Hub; some are built by our amazing developer community (Thank you!) and on Github. As of our last check, there were more than 60 skills shared on Github and 8 commercial apps. The Misty Temp Screening Assistant makes it 9 commercial skills.

This new skill does not change our strategy at all. In fact, if you would like to license the new skill (for a nominal amount), we are happy to work with you if you want to customize it and take it to market yourself - whatever market you have in mind.

Once we have perfected the Temp Screening Assistant skill we will be hard at work again on the core platform components. We have learned a great deal already about “eating our own dog food” (ie using our own APIs to create this skill) that we already have new improvements for the core platform in our sights. We believe this effort has provided even more/better insight into the process of creating robot skills; those lessons will show up in myriad ways within the platform as we continue to evolve it.

The Misty Temp Screening Assistant requires specialized and highly accurate thermal sensors that we have designed into a replacement visor, along with an external blackbody device that enables this high level of accuracy. This means that a Misty II Basic can be “relatively easily” turned into a Temp Screening Assistant. A Misty II Standard or Enhanced could also take the same visor-upgrade, but you will lose the self-driving Occipital sensor. We still need to sort through whether you could do that visor replacement in the field or not. Of course, we will gladly sell you a Misty Temp Screening Assistant for your place of work separately.

We are offering all current customers a 10% discount off the retail price. Contact any of us if you would like to purchase or consider an upgraded/replaced visor (which would cost extra because the thermal hardware isn’t cheap!).

Thank you all for your continued support of Misty Robotics and all that we are trying to achieve.


I already have misty. Is it possible to upgrade just the visor? If so What is the cost and procedure?

To be clear, with the TSA visor you would lose the StructureCore depth sensor. The TSA visor has thermal camera and RGB camera vs RGB camera and StructureCore in the standard Misty.