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Misty cannot connect to unprotected wifi networks


Currently, Misty can only connect to wifi networks that include password protection.


FYI It also can’t work with networks that need a second layer of network authentication, which is the case with most universities. Or at least it’s that way with mine. :disappointed_relieved:

Any suggestions for work around? I feel tethered to my lab space even though I’d like to demo it in other conference rooms or even use it outside.
It seems like a hot spot would work (?) but that’s more costly on the cell data side. What are other people doing?


Hi @WendyXu! This is a great question, and I’m going to suggest you ask it again in so that more people see it than here in Known Issues.

In the meantime, I’m going to invite one of our engineers (@justin) to comment, in case he can be of help. Thanks!


Is this likely to be an issue with Misty II? I’m asking because I think she’ll need to connect to a wifi network for periodic software updates?


Hi @BoulderAl! Misty I can connect to most wifi networks. The current exceptions are wifi networks without password protection and wifi networks that have multiple layers of authentication. If you have a network setup that you think will cause issues with Misty, please let us know here: Misty product roadmap

The current wifi limitations may not be in effect with Misty II, but it does help our product and engineering teams to hear from our developers as to exactly what support they need. @Jane or @Jeremy may be able to comment further about types of wifi support with Misty II.


Thanks, @Donna. I don’t have this issue but since @WendyXu did have this issue with Misty I just wanted to raise it. Seems to me likely that some small number of people who purchased Misty II may have “unusual” wifi network security.


Thanks Donna. You wanted me to make a new topic post about it in the general forum? That link just shows the most popular and recent posts.

Anyone have any work around ideas?


Hi @WendyXu - I’d suggest you make a new post in the Support forum, yes! You can also navigate there by clicking the word “Support” at the top of this thread. 09%20PM